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Spare Tracer Anykite/Anywing System (12 pads)


The Skymount fits firmly around the leading edge of any regular kite or wing, using the spare Tracer Anykite/Anywing System.


Tested and approved by some of the world’s best riders!


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These 12 adhesive spare pads in 3, 6 and 12 mm allow to mount your Skymount on different leading edge thicknesses when using various kites or wings. You can choose to remove the glue layer by sticking two equal pads on each other and tearing them off again, that way the glue will come off. These non adhesive pads can be used as extra pads, to stick in between before fully inflating the kite or wing. Because this EPDM density is very grippy, it will still hold your Skymount firmly in place.



Fits: Inflated leading edge sizes 111 to 166 mm (move to kite or wing tips for thicker leading edges)

This equals deflated (=empty) leading edge size 174 to 261 mm (easier to measure)​

Weight: 70 grams

Dimensions: 190 x 190 x 230 mm

Materials:  EPDM



Tracer Anykite/Anywing System (12 self adhesive pads of 3, 6 and 12 mm)




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