• Durable aircraft aluminium, adjustable, lightweight and compact mast and tube clamp
  • Can be used on windsurf masts and booms, paddles, bikes, roll bars etc.
  • Easy, fast and solid mounting with ergonomic pivot grip – no loose parts!
  • Can be used with your own quick release buckle for optimum camera aiming
  • Multi sport use (windsurfing, biking, canoeing, handrail skatepark etc)
  • Salt water and UV radiation resistant (rinse after use)


With this compact and lightweight clamp you can mount your action cam on any tube where you can’t use a normal roll bar mount. Perfect for windsurfing rigs: beside any place on the mast you can also switch quickly to the boom (clew side or mast side) and adapt the mounting angle fast, while being on the water. For boom use you can screw your action cam straight on the Rig Mount, you have the perfect angle without any backlash or possible creep, often seen when using a ball head.

For mast top use at 1 side of your sail you can find the optimal camera angle by using your own quick release buckle. In the event of a heavy impact crash, this plastic quick release buckle is intended to break, saving your camera housing and the aluminium Rig Mount. Of course you should always use a leash from your cam to your windsurfing rig!

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  • Fits: every mast, boom or tube smaller than 40 mm diameter (fits any skinny windsurf mast!)
  • Weight: 105 grams
  • Dimensions: 86 x 77 x 20 mm
  • Use your own plastic quick release buckle as a cheap coupling part for “heavy impact use”
  • Materials: Aircraft aluminium, stainless steel, ABS grip, rubber padding
  • Built in aluminium screw-thread for (GoPro) bolt makes loose nut abundant



  • Rig mount: one solid aluminium product!
  • Note: GoPro camera, plastic quick release buckle and bolts are not included
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